The Action Medical Research Peterborough 100 event comprises three cycle routes of 46, 64 and 101 miles around the Rutland Water area to the west of Peterborough.

The course crosses several major roads, and substantial sections have marginal or no mobile phone signal due to the hilly terrain.

Cambridgeshire RAYNET covers the entire course by deploying a self-contained mobile control vehicle at a high point near Oakham, where the 20m mast ensures we have contact with operators at all rest stops around the course, as well as race control at the start / finish location.

Radio nets allow the efficient dissemination of information to all relying parties, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls, freeing up organiser time and keeping marshals around the course informed.

We also work alongside the lowland search and rescue association teams providing medical cover, managing their radio communications and allowing them to deploy resources efficiently during the event.

Satellite-based location tracking equipment provides further guidance to organisers on the progress of the event.

AMR Control